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What We Do

"After more than a decade of proven success in the marketing and sales industry, I know how to take the confusion and worry out of your marketing...and get you the results you're looking for. I'm proud of the outstanding team of creatives, web aces and digital marketing professionals I am able to bring to our clients. Together we create, implement, measure and refine high-level, strategic stories and digital strategies that work online and offline to power sales, marketing, relationships - everything." - Shane Shirley


We work with clients throughout the U.S. to create, implement, measure and refine customized, digital strategies that meet marketing goals, produce excellent ROI and deliver the results you're looking for.

Identity & Branding

A beautiful product, great service or cause needs to be complemented with great branding. Our design team & our print & promotional product experts will help you create it & integrate it with digital.

Social Media/PR/IR/Influencer Campaigns

Effective social media, PR, Investor Relations & Influencer campaign creation, implementation and management will get you noticed & build valuable links, awareness & relationships that will result in sales. 

Content Creation

We are proud to create, strategically place & correctly utilize quality blog content, brand stories, Infographics, print & e-newsletters, videos & white papers that your target market craves & Google loves.

SEO/Web/App Development

We design responsive, SEO ready websites and apps that focus on trend-setting design, top-quality content, Google’s latest updates and a great user experience.

Paid Advertising

Increase your awareness, web traffic & sales through beneficial, paid advertising opportunities. From AdWords to retargeting opportunities, Instagram ads & more, we provide the best opportunities for you.

Employee Engagement/Rep Management/Social Selling

We help you harness the social power of your employees, manage your reputation online & train your sales team in successful, social selling tactics.



  • Paula Morris, CEO, Sweet P's Skincare

    Shane is a visionary and one of the most openly honest professionals I have ever had the fortune to meet. She introduced Sweet P’s to Open Sky that led to an unprecedented volume of eco-friendly bloggers requesting product samples and wonderful reviews. Her single contact has made a huge impact on my small business. My Google ranking has had a huge impact by our single connection.

  • Lindsay Dahl, Director of Policy & Partnership at Beautycounter

    Shane is incredible to work with. It isn’t everyday that you get to work with colleagues who are sharp, driven, and pay attention to details. Shane has all of these qualities. She excels at writing, public speaking and building relationships with people and businesses. Her connection to consumers via social media also make her an incredibly valuable asset to any type of work. I’m constantly impressed by her knowledge on web analytics, social media engagement and more. I look forward to working with her again in the future, simply put, she is a rock star!

  • Roman Rabinovich, Business Development, Eventige Media Group

    Highly recommended, honest, friendly, transparent and always there to help.

  • Steve Sturgis, Sales Rep, Superior Business Solutions

    I have had the pleasure of working with Shane at Superior Business Solutions. Shane has shown me the importance of social media in the work place and how it can have a direct correlation with the amount of success you experience in your career. Through her guidance I have vastly improved my presence on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, making myself more accessible which is what every sales representative needs in a field that is so competitive. Her knowledge of these platforms and how she integrates them into your own personal profile or business, would be a benefit to anyone who utilizes her skill set. Thank-you Shane for all of your help and guidance.


Orlando, Florida, USA